We are lucky !
We have a lot of events in Normandy...
Our town perpetually provides entertainment for locals and tourists.
All the time our guests are enjoyed to visit the center and see one of the most beautiful center which was not destroy during the World War II.
Bayeux is internationally renowned and people from many countries come to visit this heritage and discover the Bayeux Tapestry listed by UNESCO, the wonderful Cathedral Reine Mathilde, the landing places of the Second World War and its great medieval feast, all years, the first weekend of July.

Don’t forget... Bayeux is the right place to be...just in the middle of Paris, Mont Saint Michel, Saint Malo, Caen, Rouen, Cherbourg, Saint Mère l’Eglise, Honfleur, d-days stay at Bayeux is a good idea to visit all these areas in Normandy.

The main events in the Bessin are :

* 20 May 2017: Nuit Europénne des Musées
* 27 May to 11 June 2017: D-DAY Festival Normandy 2017
* July to the end of August 2017: Rendez-vous à la cathédrale « The Lights of Freedom », in Bayeux
* 1st Week-end to July 2017 : 31th Medieval Festival in Bayeux
* Fireworks every Friday at Port-en-Bessin from July to August at night
* 2 to 8 October 2017 : 24rd Bayeux-Calvados Prize for War Correspondents in Bayeux
* December 2017: La Cathédrale de Guillaume
* 1st to 24 december 2017: Bayeux Fête Noël

20 and 21 February: Omaha Beach Sail Karting, in Omaha Beach
6 March: Regional land yachting Championship, in Asnelles
26 and 27 March: D-Day Race, obstacle race, in Courseulles-sur-Mer
2 and 3 April: Land Yachting European Cup, in Asnelles 17 April: 2nd Rétrobessin, gathering of old cars, in Tour-en-Bessin
30 April: 14th Book Festival, in Trévières From
28 May to 12 June: D-Day Festival Normandy 2016
29 May: Final of the land yachting regional championship, in Asnelles
12 June: 2nd Rétr’Osmanville, old cars, in Osmanville From
20 June to 31 August: Rain festival, in Bessin
25 and 26 June: 11th Isigny-sur-Mer fair
From 27 June to 3 July: 30th Medieval Festival in Bayeux
10 July: Festy’Plage, in Grandcamp-Maisy
From 12 July to 27 August: Rendez-vous à la cathédrale « The Lights of Freedom », in Bayeux
16 and 17 July: Moulin de Marcy Bread Festival, in Molay-Littry
16 and 17 July: Médiévales de Colombières, at Colombières Castle
23 and 24 July: Mussel Festival, in Isigny-sur-Mer From
30 July to 7 August: La Villa des Arts, exhibition by local artists, in Ver-sur-Mer
31 July: Port Festival, in Port-en-Bessin-Huppain
5 and 6 August: Médiévales de Creully, at Creully Castle
6 August: Bouquet Festival, in Grandcamp-Maisy
From 7 to 14 August: Arromanches Festival, classical music, in Arromanches
From 9 to 15 August: Acadian week, in Courseulles-sur-Mer
20 and 21 August: Omaha Beach Outdoor, competitions and leisure outings, in Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer
21 August: Regatta Festival, in Grandcamp-Maisy
28 August: 5th Agricultural Equipment Meeting, in Bernesq
From 3 to 9 October: 23rd Bayeux-Calvados Prize for War Correspondents in Bayeux
30 October: Apple and local produce festival, in Trévières
12 and 13 November: Le Goût du Large, in Port-en-Bessin-Huppain
3 and 4 December: La coquille Saint-Jacques en fête, in Grandcamp-Maisy
17 December: The shortest day, screening of short fi lms, in Ver-sur-Mer

You can find all these events in: