Informations about your stay

Some informations

Check in
The check in is between 5:00 - 8:00 pm
Please call us if you will arrived later

We have a small garden to carry out your luggage and for your check in.
After your check in you have to park your car on the parking.

We have 3 car parks arround the house

1/ The first one is free
It is near the roundabout at 300 meters from our house.
It is totally free and you can stay all the time.

2/ Parking Évêché rue Larché. à 100 m Free but you need a special park disc.
Smaller but just a front of our house

3/ Parc Michel d’Ornano à 200 m ....NOT FREE
It is at Boulevard Sadi-Carnot

You are able to park some bicycle or motorbike in our garden.
Please write us a message to inform us.

Between 8 to 10:00 am
If you need to take your breafast earlier this time please inform us.

We only serve fresh regional products ... pastry, bread, homemade jams, fresh orange juice ... and a few surprises ...

Check out
The check out is before 11:00 am

Thank you